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Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

Special for shot peening, descaling forged or heat treated parts, desanding ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting, deburring etc.
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Control Type: PLC + Manual
  • Working Type: Wheel Blast
  • Blasting Abrasive: Steel Shots
  • Installation & Testing: Engineer Available
  • Design: Standard
  • Description
    LS-B1000M tumble belt shot blasting machine / shot peening machine is a unique blasting equipment designed according to customers’ requirements by Kholee Blast. The main functions of tumble belt shot blasting machine are desanding castings, descaling forgings & heat treatment, deburring, shot peening etc. After blasting, the surface of metal products can get required surface cleanness and roughness which is qualified for painting.
    The LS-B1000M tumble belt shot blasting machine has the characters of compact structure, easy maintenance, low dust emission, quick response of mechanic system and reliable performance. The equipment adopts advanced design and manufacturing technology absorbed from abroad, easy for maintenance, perfect safety, no harmful to worker’s health, no pollution to environment.
    1 Blasting Products & Parameters
    1.1 Products Name: unknow
    1.2 Products Material: unknow
    1.3 Products size range: ≥10mm (Dia.)
    1.4 Loading Capacity: 600 kg & 0.3m3
    2 Blasting Abrasives recommended
    Steel Shots or Cut Wire Shots as cut or conditioned
    3 Shot Blasting process
    Cover Rate: 95%
    4 Blasting Chamber
    4.1 Size: 1857mm (L)×1300mm (W)×2000mm (H)
    4.2 Door: Pneumatic Automatic Open & Shut
    4.3 Driving: 1.1kw
    4.4 End Plate Diameter: Φ1000mm
    4.5 End Plate Distance: 1130mm
    4.6 Hole Diameter of Tumble Belt: Φ10mm
    5 Shots Control Valve 
    5.1 Rotating Shots Valve: 1 unit
    5.2 Manual Shots Valve: 1 unit
    6 Blasting Wheels
    6.1 Power: 11kw
    6.2 Rotation Diameter: Φ360mm
    6.3 Rotation Speed: upto 2930rpm (Variable Speed as option)
    7 Abrasive Recycle System 
    7.1 Bucket Elevator: 1 unit, automatic lifting, 1.1kw
    7.2 Screw Conveyor: 0.55kw
    7.3 Separator: air wash type dust abrasive separator
    7.4 Recycle Capacity: 12t/hr
    8 Dust Removing System
    8.1 Pulse Jet Dust Collector with filter cartridge, 1 unit
    8.2 Air Flow: 4000m3/hr
    8.3 Dust Removing Efficiency: 0.3μm dust capture efficiency 99.99%
    9 Compressed Air Required: 0.6Mpa
    10 Electrical Control Cabinet
    10.1 Electrical Power: 380V/50Hz, about 13kw
    11 Environments Protection
    11.1 Noise:  85dB(A)
    11.2 Dust Emission:  20mg/m3
    12 Electrical Power Consumption
    12.1 Blasting Turbine: 11kw
    12.2 Centrifugal Air Fan: 3kw
    12.3 Screw Conveyor for Shots Supply: 0.55kw
    12.4 Bucket Elevator: 1.1kw
    12.5 Tumble Belt: 1.1kw
    Total: 16.75kw