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Tumble Blast Machine with Rubber Belt

Special For Casting, Forgings and Heat Treatment Cleaning
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Control Type: PLC + Manual
  • Working Type: Wheel Blast
  • Blasting Abrasive: Steel Shots
  • Installation & Testing: Engineer Available
  • Design: Standard
  • Description
    LS-B650M Tumble Blast Machine with Rubber Belt
    KL-B650M Tumble Blast Machine with Rubber Belt is designed for processing mass produced parts like castings, forgings and heat treated parts of ferrous or non-ferrous, which can be tumbled in tumble rubber belt. This tumble blasting machine will perfectly meet your requirements for batch cleaning, decoring, descaling, deflashing, deburring and shot peening parts.
     Name Size & Parameters Remark
    Blast Wheel Power 7.5kw Huali
    Shots Flow 135kg/min  
    Blast Wheel Model LS-350  
    Replacement Parts
    for Blasting Wheel
    Precision Casting, Cr 25% HRC 62-65
    Bucket Elevator Power 1.1kw Worm Gear Motor
    Bucket Elevator Capacity 10 ton/h  
    Screw Conveyor Power 0.55kw Worm Gear Motor
    Protective Liner
    in Blasting Chamber
    Mn13 Mn13 10mm
    Rubber Belt Laoshan  
    Tumble Belt Power 1.5kw Worm Gear Motor
    Dust Collector Pulse Jet Dust Collector  
    Dust Emission Density ≤10mg/m³  
    Air Fan Power 2.2kw  
    Air Flow 2500m³/h  
    Filter Capacity 15m²x2=30m²  
    Settling Box Integrated  
    Electrical Control Cabinet  IP54  
    Key Electrical Elements Schneider  
    Time Relay OMRON OMRON
    Gear Reduced Motor Worm Gear Reduced Motor Bangduoli
    Pneumatic Elements AIRTAG  
    Driving Round Diameter 650mm  
    Belt Bearing Capacity 260kg  
    Voltage/Hz AC380V  
    Size of Equipment L×W×H 1950×1950×2550 mm  
    Weight 2500 kg  
    Free Replacement Parts Blades 8 pcs
    Control Cage 1 pc
    Impeller 1 pc
    Features of equipment:
    1 Integrated design, it can work after electrical power connection without installation and debugging.
    2 The blasting chamber is made of Mn13 steel plate and small clearance between round plates.
    3 Pulse jet dust removal system, 30m2 filtering area, dust density discharge is ≤10mg/m3.
    4 Several seal, no steel shots escape from blasting chamber.
    5 Blast wheel 7.5kw, precision casting replacement parts, long life service. The blasting wheel is tested by dynamic balance testing, low noise
    6 Loading capacity of tumble belt 260kg
    7 Size of equipment L×W×H 1950×1950×2550 mm, easy for transportation and installation.
    8 Worm gear reduced motor, safe and reliable.
    9 Famous electrical and pneumatic elements, low failure and long service life.