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Batch Type Tumble Blast Machine

Item No.: LS-B1000A
Special for shot peening descaling forged or heat treated parts, desanding ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting, deburring etc.
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Control Type: PLC + Manual
  • Working Type: Wheel Blast
  • Blasting Abrasive: Steel Shots
  • Installation & Testing: Engineer Available
  • Design: Standard
  • Description

    LS-B1000A Batch Type Tumble Blast Machine/ Shot Peening Machine

    Name  Size & Parameters Remark
    Blasting Wheel Motor Power 15KW Siemens
    Model LS360  
    Abrasive Flow 270kg/min Can Reduce Hz Increase Flow
    Rotation Variable Speed Controlled By Inverter
    Rotation Direction Clockwise & Counterclockwise  
    Abrasive Recycle
    Bucket Elevator 1.1KW  
    Lifting Capacity 20t/h  
    Flow PID Control System Make flow stable, improve quality
    Automatic Shots
    Supplement System Online
    Guarantee Abrasive Enough for Blasting
    Automatic Abrasive Sieving
    System Online
    Stop Abrasive
    Sieving System
    Blasting Chamber Hydraulic Pressure System 2.2kw  
    Door Open & Shut Type Hydraulic Rod Connection, Stable
    Diameter of Round Plate 1000mm  
    Protective Line in
    Blasting Chamber
    Rubber Belt Laoshan Hole size Φ6, Φ10
    Blasting Products
    Loading Type Hydraulic Lifting Bucket  
    Hydraulic Pressure
    Unloading Type Vibrating Conveyor  
    Vibrating Conveyor 3KW  
    Loading Capacity 600kg  
    Tumble Belt
    Driving Power
    Tumble Belt
    Variable Speed
    Controlled By Inverter
    Pulse Jet
    Dust Collector
    Settling Box Build In
    Cyclone Dust Collector  
    Centrifugal Air Fan 3KW  
    Filter Cartridge
    Filter Area
    60 Flame Retardant Filter
    Air Flow 4000m³/h  
    Filter Brand XINGDA  
    Anti-explosion Flame
    Retardant System
    Dust Discharge Valve
    for Cyclone Dust Collector
    Dust Discharge Valve
    For Dust Collector
    Dust Collecting Box  
    Pressure Difference
    Temperature Monitor  
    Control System
    Electrical Control Cabinet
    Protection Grade
    IP54 OEM
    Key Electrical Elements Schneider  
    PLC / Touch Screen Siemens  
    Gear Reduced Motor BANGDUOLI  
    Pneumatic Elements AIRTAG  
    Safety Assist Shaft Sensor Monitor  
    Railing & Platform  
    Bearing Cover Plate  
    Production Manage Bar Code Scan  
    Data Record  
    Historical Data
    Curve Record
    Failure Remote
    Weighing System
    Remark: “●” standard configuration   “○” Optional (extra cost for optional) 
    1 The protective plate liner is made by Mn13 welding together, small gap between round plates, no clamping
    2 The door open and shut by rod driving, stable running, good sealant, no steel shots escaping.
    3 Settling, Cyclone and pulse jet dust collector, good effectiveness, dust emission 10mg/m³
    4 Monitoring system of pressure difference sensor and temperature sensor for dust collector which ensures stable operation of dust collector.
    5 Flow PID control system, clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, make blasting cover more even and improve blasting quality a lot.
    6 The electrical control system will automatically show replacement parts change and equipment maintenance.
    7 The equipment can be updated and communicate with production management system (MES)
    8 Dynamic balance testing for blasting wheels, low noise and long service life.
    9 Shaft with sensor, no blocking or slipping.
    10 The management system of the distribution mode can effectively eliminate the quality problems caused by worker operation errors